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Baton Rouge Home Pest Control

While there are many benefits of living in Baton Rouge, such as great food and warm weather, there are also some disadvantages. The mild winters and warm summers make for a perfect atmosphere for bugs to take residence. Some of the creatures commonly found in Baton Rouge are ants, bees, beetles, fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, spiders, termites and silverfish. Not only are they unpopular with the residents here, they can also do some harm if not controlled. They contribute to the spread of disease and cause physical damage to property and homes.

Termites alone are a huge nuisance to the majority of southern cities, including Baton Rouge. Subterranean, or underground termites, are particularly dangerous, causing billions of dollars in damages each year. Our employees are skilled in the extermination of and prevention of future termite infestations in your home or business. We can't wait to give you the confidence that your home is termite free.

No Structure is Immune to Pests

Pests don’t care what kind of structure they are infesting, and that is why we offer our services for both residential and commercial sites. Baton Rouge businesses face the same risks of pest infestation as homes in the area. In such circumstances, our operators are discrete and keep the details of your business’ infestation confidential.

Pest Control Baton Rouge

At Bayou Cajun Pest Control, we have the solution to your pest problem. Our staff is reliable and highly skilled in the pest control field, and we are happy to serve the citizens of Baton Rouge. We customize our services to meet your and your family's needs and goals, while maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

We've been taking care of pesky infestations in the Baton Rouge area for over 40 years. We are a family owned company and use cutting edge technology to treat your pest problems. Every client's situation and infestation is different and we are sure to customize each person's needs into our treatment plan. Whether it takes a single visit or an annual commitment, we are prepared to get the job done. Not only are our methods effective and efficient, but they are also environmentally responsible.

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